My mother moved into The Residences three years ago after we experienced several care failures trying to allow her to remain in her own home.  We spent many hours identifying and visiting small and large assisted living facilities.  We were lucky to have the assistance of friends who specialize in the design and development of care and health facilities and were up to date on the best practices. 
We visited over 20 sites and The Residences was the first place where we felt comfortable about having my mother’s individual needs met.  Her cognitive decline makes it hard for her to adapt to new circumstances and schedules; some of these schedules such as eating and sleeping times have been in place for 20 – 30 years.  The Residences was the only site that agreed that my mother could stay up later in the evening, and arise later in the morning requiring that breakfast be provided separately mid morning for her.  They also agreed that her sweet tooth could be attended to while continuing to watch her overall food intake to control her diabetes.  Additionally there are many other small accommodations they make for her particular tastes and needs.
I am sure that these accommodations are made possible through the rich client-caregiver ratio that is maintained at The Residences.
Finally, and of vital importance, is the loving care that is provided.  There is frequent touching, lots of smiles, willingness to listen to stories and swift attention to requests such as a newspaper or assistance to the table.  After three years we are just as pleased to have found The Residences as we were at the beginning.
~Diane H., Walnut Creek
HOME OUR MISSION SERVICES AMENITIES CONTACT TESTIMONIALS GALLERY My mother lived the last two and a half years of her life at The Residences at Antioch. It was difficult for me to place her in a care home, but it was time. She adjusted pretty well, and pretty much I stopped worrying. She had her own private bedroom and bathroom, which she enjoyed. 

I spent a lot of time visiting Mom and always noticed how well kept the home was and also the residences. I ate many times with Mom. The food was always a balanced and yummy meal. Sometimes I would play bingo with the ladies and I can tell you how rewarding that was. I would give them a prize when they would win. They just loved that.
The caregivers were wonderful. They were like family to my mother and I. They would always make sure all the residences had their exercise daily.

~Betty S., Brentwood

When my father-in-law arrived at The Residences he was in very bad shape. He stayed at The Residences for one month and when he left to go back to his own home, he was in so much better condition than when he arrived there.

The care he received there was wonderful. The food served was of good quality and prepared very well. He actually gained weight during his one month stay (which was a good thing).  The care and special attention he received was more than we could have hoped for.

~Dave G., Brentwood

You can never imagine how happy our family is that we found this place (The Residences – Antioch). I was very upset when the doctor said I could not bring Leroy home. I had had some experience with placing my mother before her death. [We] all agreed on this place almost from the time we entered and met you and we never regretted that decision. So thank you very much.

~Vi L., Antioch

From the very first time that we came to look at the home, which was unannounced, we were extremely impressed with the facility.  The home was immaculate.  The bedrooms and bathrooms were tastefully decorated, roomy, and provided easy handicap access.  The other residents were dressed, clean, and appeared to be happy and quite comfortable.  You and your staff were very willing to answer any question that we had.  Within a very few minutes of walking into the house, we knew that we had found the perfect place for Florence to live while she rehabilitated. 

~Nancy N. and Helen J., Antioch We want to say again how much we appreciated the outstanding care you gave to our mother, Edith.
We can never adequately express how grateful we are for your loving care and your kindness to her.  We are happy she was able to spend her final years in such an immaculate, peaceful, well-run and loving environment. 
Our special thoughts go to Mary for her kindness and the many sleepless nights she spent so Edith did not fall.
Our very best,
~George and Joan B.